Sunny Grace

All about English

Three English teachers had the most impact on my life. I was a lonely only child stuck in the bush with no TV who spent most of her time with her head in a book and didn't really feel anyone else shared my passion in the small town where I went to school until one day Mr Bagust my Year 4 teacher walked in to the classroom with The Hobbit. He announced he was going to read it to the whole class, a chapter a day. When he opened the book and read the first chapter it was the first time I saw everyone in the class being taken into another world, even the naughty kids at the back of the class, and I knew this book was special. He showed me the power of a story to enthrall a group and I realised that I was not alone in my bookish existence. 

The second teacher was in high school - Robert Ayliffe at Mount Barker High. He gave me the confidence to write my own stories and introduced me to Australian literature. 

My Year 12 English teacher at Adelaide High School (yeah we moved around a lot) was Mrs Fenwick, a very bright and passionate woman who taught me to question and to have faith in my own ablities as a writer. It was my dream to make a living as a writer. This has not come to pass as yet but it is a dream I am not going to give up. Words, books and writing are part of my everyday world and I am so grateful to these teachers for taking me beyond the expected texts.

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