Jo Mulholland, Revesby

"It takes a very special person to be a teacher", no matter where in the world.


Just as in one of the ads, I rang the bell on my former primary school door, in Gouda, on a trip back, 1971, after I'd migrated at the end of 6th grade, in 1956, and reported to my (role model) teacher, (3rd-6th grade) that I'd copied EVERYTHING he'd done. (Music, accordion - he'd given me a few lessons just before I migrated.- school magazines, etc..even being a teacher born in another country. He was from Indonesia.)

He must have seen the potential, in 6th grade, on Wednesdays mornings, he left me in charge of my fellow pupils, for about half an hour before lunch time, while he went off to teach at a technical school in Rotterdam. My class mates read to me and I corrected them when necessary. I also had to record the names of those caught not paying attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 37 years of teaching, in Sydney, Bourke and Maude-via-Hay.

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