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Submitted by Lesley Jolly on

I've had ex-students come up to me and say "You were right. I wish I'd listened, instead of mucking around, I could have saved myself years of catching up. I was just too stupid to get it then. Thanks".

That's one of the reasons why I battle on through the abuse, the negativity and the stress. There ARE golden moments.

Submitted by Jo Mulholland on

Exactly what I went back to say to my primary school teacher, in Gouda, the Netherlands. Mr Berretty was my teacher and role model from 3rd grade until the last months of 6th grade, when my parents and I migrated to Australia. (He'd actually already given me practice. On Wednesday mornings, half an hour before lunchtime he'd put me in charge of my fellow pupils to hear them read and correct any errors, while he left early to teach at a technical high school in Rotterdam. (I have a mug, sent to me from the Netherlands, in recent years, by a classmate with 'World's Best Teacher" on it, to remember that experience.) He then invited me to come and watch 8mm movies of our school excursions. For 37 years I was a teacher here, very much like he was. (He was from Indonesia, I too played the accordion; edited the school magazines; had pupils perform "Alice in Wonderland"; videoed the excursions etc., etc.. And was also criticised enough to want to do better. In retirement I enjoy the www contact with a number of ex-pupils!!

Submitted by Peter Zuze on

If touching is appropriate at this stage, a hug would just add "color" to the advert. The hug can come soon after the student declares her interest in training to be a teacher. The teacher of course will need to put down her stuff and hug the student.

Submitted by Ernie Tucker on

What excellent acting here; I love the pauses that indicate the emotions aroused that suggest to the viewers that teachers care deeply about their students and students know that a good teacher does make a difference to their lives.

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