Last Day Interview

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Submitted by Roseanne Byrne on

I have lots of sympathy for what is happening in NSW right now and wish you success with this campaign.
I have to say that after a very tough year last year I was wondering how to get through to my own 'last day'. These little snippets of teacher life have made me remember why I do this - so thanks.

Submitted by Uday Narayan on

Congratulations and a Happy New Year NSW Teachers Fed. Well done. Hope the message is passed through the NSW DEC and we all be back to a happy family to teach our young once again. Best wishes, good luck and you have my support.

Submitted by Kerry Crowther on

This is the best ad. So often our students respond because we show we care about them as people. It is a pity that so rarely, teachers are lucky enough to receive that 'thankyou' from the child, now grown, who has come to appreciate what was given to them. I am one of those lucky teachers who has had this happen to me. We do so much despite the lack of encouragement but it is certainly lovely to get it now and then!

Submitted by Leigh Johnson on

This brought me to tears! Schools are full of ex-students and when anyone of them pays you tribute for the effort you put in to making them what they are....... It doesn't get any better. Its a great career and one of which I am proud to have been a part.

Submitted by Paul Witney on

The best add. I retired from teaching 6 months ago but have regularly run polling booths in a school I taught at over 20 years ago. To have ex students, many now parents, come up and express their gratitude for experiences in class all those years ago makes you realise what an impact you can have as a teacher...and yes some were proud to say they are now teachers.

Submitted by Jenny on

Thank you so much Federation! I've been teaching a long time and its great to be valued. Most teachers are still doing the job because they love and care about the kids. We appreciate being valued by students and parents but to have our worth finally shown positively in the media is wonderful.

Submitted by Tania Giustiniani on

My teacher in Year 4 was Linda Burgess, she inspired me to love learning, to make it fun and exciting. She was the kindest and happiest woman. I've now been teaching for 18 years :)

Submitted by Marilyn Hadfield on

Congratulations to Federation and to the Ad agency that you had develop these advertisements.

They are the best I have seen in a verrrrrrrrry long career.

Submitted by Lee-Anne Collins on

I loved school thanks to some amazing teachers. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from 10 years old so I could be just like my year 4 teacher. When I graduated from uni I tracked her down to tell her she was the reason I was a teacher. I've never looked back. Everyday I "am" a teacher. It's not a job, it's who I am.

Submitted by Lorraine on

I love this ad! I am about to enter my second year as a science teacher and I could see many of my students' faces in the younger woman - I'd be as pleasantly surprised as Mrs Whalen if ever one of my students thanked me like that!! Here's to girls in science WHOO!

Submitted by Rhonda Baldacchino on

Teaching is not just a profession, it's a passion. From the first day that I walked into the school gate, I wanted to be a teacher. This is my 30th year of teaching and I still LOVE it. Well done Teachers Federation.

Submitted by Heather Davidson on

I've watched all these ads now and I'm not ashamed to say they brought a tear to my eye. As a mid career teacher these ads ring true to me. I can still remember my first nervous day of teaching and I've experienced the golden moment of being thanked by a few students too. How wonderful to see a piece of media that makes me feel proud of who I am and what I do for a change.

Submitted by Zeynep on

This ad brought me to tears. Hats off to the creators but also thanks to the Teachers Federation for such a worthwhile campaign. The quality of teaching can and does make a difference to our students. When people ask me what I do for a living I respond with "I touch the future every day."

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