First Day Interview

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Submitted by Elizabeth on

Have watched all the ads. I really like them and the message they send. Well done.

Submitted by Natalie on

Thank you Federation - the ads are a great way of getting our message across non-politically. They are vey well done, brought a tear to my eye!

Submitted by Judy Wall on

I was teary watching each of them because teachers do make a difference- it's just the day-to-day grind that sometimes makes you forget this.

Submitted by Aaron on

This sounds very cynical, but I expected these ads to be horribly cheesy or political.

I was pleasantly surprised! Well done. I was touched.

It's a shame that these had to be made by the Teachers Fed; that the government hadn't got there first.

Submitted by Eli on

Fantastic ads! They get to the heart of the matter. People don't become teachers for the money. They do it to make a difference in our world. Thanks go to the teachers that believed in me, even when I didn't.

Submitted by Monica Sharma on

What a great idea to come up with these ads! New beginnings to reach the community through different sources of media.I hope these ads would MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE to perspectives on Public Education.

Submitted by Brian on

Well done Jane Caro for the scripts and Ray Lawrence for the wonderful images. My wife has been a teacher for some 30 years so we have many teacher friends and yes, they are very special people.

Submitted by Robyn Fletcher on

Liked the ads! Teaching is a great career and these new ads remind me of why I chose the profession.Well done TF.

Submitted by Teresa on

Normal people doing an extraodinary job.

Submitted by Rhonda on

Top of the class Teachers Federation!

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