First Day TV Ad

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Submitted by Elizabeth on

Really liked it. Glad to see the Fed embarking on a non-political advertising campaign. Well done.

Submitted by Sandra Mitchell on

All are great. Simple, classy, good production values. Should make everyone think of that special teacher in their lives. Absence of a political viewpoint is key. Well done!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Made me 'tear up!' Lovely ad. (The new teacher one.)

Submitted by Robyn on

I like this little story. Fantastic to focus the campaign on the value of teaching.

Submitted by Ernie Tucker on

Great to see this advertisement. My first day as a teacher started with a puncture and the school clerk thought I was a late arriving new student but I soon settled in and loved the job.

Submitted by Marilyn Hadfield on

This is an excellent ad - well done!!

Submitted by Sue on

Treasure our young teachers - they are awesome!

Submitted by David Searle on

I like the intention & the final product.

Submitted by Kerrie thomas on

Good idea behind ad but the teacher doesn't introduce himself to parent or child!!! Any random can get a tub to carry! Other than that ok.

Submitted by Vicki on

Good ads! I have been very concerned that the federation is only talking about what policies mean for teachers. Not what it means for kids. Parents will sit up and take notice if we show them what the new policies mean for the kids ie Behaviour mgt teams disbanded, reading recovery gone.
Well done.

Submitted by Marg Anderson on

As a teacher for 31 years I too believe we make a difference, BUT i have not once arrived as the kids do or left at the same time as them! Isn't this what the community already thinks of us...this won't help perceptions at all, only confirm misunderstandings.

Submitted by Kurt on

I generally agree with the aims of the advertisement, but I think the BEST thing we could do for our profession is to improve our personal professionalism. In such a short ad, the details are important. I am/have been a young male teacher, and the best thing I ever did was wear a tie. I know it's not the 1950s, but the character in the ad needs a shave, a tidy of his hair, and would do himself an enormous favour by simply wearing a tie. Public perception is hard to change, so we need to make a particular effort if we wish to change it.

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