Teaching is a career that provides challenges, excitement, personal reward and a chance to encourage and support others to achieve their goals and to maximise their potential in life.

In addition to the necessary academic requirements involved in becoming a teacher, individuals also need to develop the skills required to effectively teach and become outstanding teachers.

A good teacher is one that students remember and appreciate forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students, and the greatest teachers inspire students to reach their potential.

Teachers know that by listening to and working with colleagues, parents, other professionals and community members that they can inspire students and improve their learning.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation

The 'Federation' is the union and professional body that represents over 70,000 teachers in the Public Education system in New South Wales. For more information on its campaigns and assistance to teachers or those planning to become teachers studying at University go to:

If you are currently training as a teacher at a University you can join the Teachers Federation as a student member for free.

For more information about student teachers visit our Future Teachers website.

The Department of Education and Communities (DEC)

The DEC is the employer of Teachers in the NSW Education system in New South Wales.  More information on employment within the Public Education System is available here.

 If you are interested in becoming a TAFE teacher then more information is available here.


Teaching is a rewarding career

NSW Institute of Teachers

All teachers from the 1st October 2004 seeking teacher employment in New South Wales need to be accredited with the NSW Institute of Teachers. More information about teaching in NSW is available here.

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